1st Fix Carpentry in Cheshunt and Herefordshire

1st fix carpentry refers to structural work such as wall studs, roof struts, door frames and floor joists.

Brendan Hickey Construction are time served carpentry professionals able to provide complete 1st fix carpentry services for any construction project. Whether a small private project or a large commercial construction, we are able to meet any workload required.

We can project manage any job to ensure quality and timely completion. All work is carried out to the highest standards using approved methods and materials.

2nd Fix Carpentry in Cheshunt and Herefordshire

2nd fix carpentry is the finishing work, carried out once the electrical, plumbing, and plastering work is complete. This can include window boards, floor boards, architrave and skirting.

At Brendan Hickey Construction, we carry out both 1st and 2nd fix carpentry, giving you a complete service and ensuring you don't need to contact two separate companies for different carpentry tasks. Using the same company for both 1st and 2nd fix ensures consistency and efficiency when completing work.

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